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Live DVD "Tour Kiyoshi5 Final Show in Osaka"【期間限定・送料無料】

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2020年12月13日に行われた"TOUR KIYOSHI5"大阪公演を収録!1カメ撮影の生々しい仕上がりとなっております!清さんの気まぐれ"アナザージャケット"付き!

*Please note: This video is based on materials that were recorded for archival purposes, so some scenes and sounds are disturbed.


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1. Dance Darling Dance
2. Happy End
3. Nasty
4. I'm So Sick
5. Guys
6. Sorry
7. No Words
8. Don't Wanna Lie
9. Walk
10. Life Goes On
11. Hero
12. Knock It Off
13. Little King
14. Cookie Cutter
En 1. On Your Mark
En 2. Warning

[Bonus Clips]
Sound Check

(Total Time: 86 min)

Recorded Live at Chika-Ikkai in Osaka, 12/13/2020

Release Date: 2021.02.28


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¥ 3,000 tax included