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Live DVD "Tour Kiyoshi4 -Encore- Final Show in Tokyo" [RIGHT]【期間限定・送料無料】

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2020年6月27日に行われた"TOUR KIYOSHI4 -ENCORE-"東京公演のセットリストを全曲収録!




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1. Little King
2. Frustration
3. Celebrate?
4. Reset
5. Pierrot
6. Dance Darling Dance
7. Melody
8. Roots
9. Go For It
10. Fossil
11. Speed
12. Go Away
13. Eye
14. Warning
En 1. Hero
En 2. A Whole New World
(Total Time: 72 min)

Release Date: 2020.02.28


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¥ 3,000 tax included