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※We regret that direct international shipping is unavailable at this time.
However, we recommend using the forwarding service tenso.com with which you can purchase Japanese products from overseas.
PayPal and credit cards (VISA, mastercard, JCB, American Express) are accepted.

[Please Note]
・You need register at "tenso.com" to get a Japanese address with which you can purchase Japanese products from overseas.
・If using tenso.com, please do not choose "cash/collect on delivery" when making your order from our website.
・If using tenso.com, we do not accept returns or exchanges.
・If using tenso.com, we can not promise delivery date.
・For more details, please visit http://www.tenso.com/en/ where you may register for free. A comprehensive guide for using the service, in English, can be found on their site.

[How to sign up KIYOSHI.THE SHOP]
Step1: Get your free Japanese shipping address at "tenso.com".
Step2: Select your products at KIYOSHI.THE SHOP.
Step3: Go to the cash register at KIYOSHI.THE SHOP.
Step4: Register your information and address that you get from tenso.com.
Step5: Please follow the payment procedure.
Step6: Your package will be shipped from tenso.com.