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Live Album "清誕祭〜俺たちの清〜"

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The complete setlist from the “Kiyoshi's Birthday Festival - Our Kiyoshi” Tokyo show on 10/31/2023 is included! Please enjoy the powerful sound!

◆ Special 4P jacket
◆ Running time: 76 min


Seitansai "Oretachino Kiyoshi"
Live at Koenji High, Tokyo, Japan, 10/31/2023

1. Hero
2. Dance Darling Dance
3. Celebrate?
4. Nasty
5. Sign
6. Frustration
7. Mirror
8. The Sun
9. Pride
10. Go For It
11. Gone
12. Hi-Ho
13. Glorious Days
14. Eye
En1. Little King
En2. A Whole New World

Release Date: 2024.06.09


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¥3,000 tax included